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Movable Assets (Plant & Machinery)

    • Valuation of Industrial Assets and Plant & Machinery

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    • Valuation of Infrastructure Assets & Specialized Assets

Infrastructure assets are primarily owned by government or business conglomerates as these are created to serve public at large and may have complex legal ownership structure to have financial viability. These assets seldom have any established markets and thus poses a challenge to a professional to ascribe value with reasonable backings. Mass Transit System, Expressways – Highways, Airports, Hydro – Dams, Railways are few infrastructure assets that not only bring about socio-economic impact to the state, but also accelerates cultural and economic development.

Our deep understanding of the assets, their ownership patterns, financial structure and in-house expertise on finance and engineering gives an edge to serve our client in best professional interests.

    • Fairness Opinion, Purchase Price Allocation for M&A

Merger and Acquisition are an integral part of any economy. Opening of economy has resulted in increase in cross border transactions. Fairness Opinion and Purchase Price Allocation are required in any exercise involving merger or acquisitions. Importance of the exercise arises from the statutory compliance of taxation and depreciation stipulated and modified from time to time.

We have advised auditing firms, corporate house and business conglomerate on purchase price allocation and fairness opinion.

    • Impairment Studies for Financial Reporting, Cash Generating Units

Impairment studies are crucial for management, stakeholders and investors. It is a crucial adjustment to correct the value of the assets as per the prevailing market conditions to show the acceptable value. The studies have evolved as a statutory requirement to be part of financial reporting.

We have advised our clients on numerous occasions to identify and isolate cash generating units, understand impact of obsolescence and arrive at correct value by reporting Impairment.

    • Valuation under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC)

We are Registered Valuer Entity with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India as authority, under section 247 of Companies Act 2013. Under IBC-2016, we have handled more than 100 cases till date with accuracy of valuation estimates reaching 90% of open market price at which resolution was accepted.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code – 2016, is an innovative step envisioned by the government to reorganize businesses and comes to rescue of failing entrepreneurs. The prime objective being the value maximization of assets and promote entrepreneurship.