Dispute & Litigation Support

Dispute & Litigation Support

There is always a clause in the contract agreement made between companies to solve the disputes arising at any stage till the end of the contract agreement. Litigation and disputes are more common nowadays in corporate transactions around the globe.

A key to efficacious litigation and dispute resolution is having the obligatory information to make accurate decisions. Whether in court or at the negotiation table, GAA help litigators prevail by providing evidence and intelligence that supports our clients’ legal strategies and objectives.

We have a track record of successfully providing the most fruitful solution out of a risk aroused through dispute or litigation.

    • Valuation Services

Assets which are involved in disputes need an independent valuation before the settlement agreement. GAA holds wide experience in valuing assets across industries which are involved in dispute & litigation.

    • Damages & Loss of Profit Assessment

GAA provides assistance with respect to the assessment of loss, loss of profit analysis, cost determinations to a large number of businesses in dispute-related situations. The experience of GAA over the years helps clients in the credible assessment of damages & loss pertaining to their business.

    • Independent Expert Testimony

It refers to the deposition as an expert in the field of valuation where one needs to appear in court in support of his / her report. Ashok Garg and Sachin Garg representing GAA Advisory have been expert witnesses in numerous cases where cross-questioning happens by the opposed party.

    • Anti – Trust & Competition Advisory

Laws pertaining to antitrust & competition advisory boost competition by restricting any particular companies market power. In other words, it makes sure that mergers & acquisitions do not result in any kind of monopoly.

    • Post – Acquisition Disputes, Joint Venture & Shareholder Disputes

Few acquisitions and disposals which result in business disputes have become quite common in the current Indian marketplace. GAA provides assistance to such companies which are involved in post-acquisition disputes. GAA’s expertise in litigation consulting combined with post-acquisition transactions helps businesses in the following areas namely – Issues pertaining to purchase price, analyzing the true value of businesses which are involved in disputes, analysis of accounting records, etc.

    • Intellectual Property Rights Dispute

Litigations pertaining to intellectual property rights involve disputes which make sure that human formations are protected including any kind of inventions, products & processes. IP rights disputes are primarily related to patent or trademark or copyright infringement.