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Transaction Advisory

Globalization has paved the path for the consolidation of the industrial sector, across economies. Synergies are explored with a view to safeguarding business interests by business conglomerates at the global level. Complex transactions, across borders, require the hands of a professional to walk through a transaction.

Governments of various economies have encouraged, in the recent past, private participation in the development of infrastructure projects. Public-Private Participation requires a knowledgeable experienced hand to bridge the gap between parties.

We at GAA, have a team of professionals from varied backgrounds in Finance and Legal to advise our clients.

    • Buy-side due diligence and closing due diligence

A full evaluation of the target company that a buyer is willing to acquire is known as buy-side due diligence. It aids in determining the suitability of a target firm as well as the challenges it faces. The ultimate goal of buy-side due diligence is to provide actionable information that supports the proposed acquisition.

Closing due diligence aids in monitoring if the procedures included in the entire transaction are being carried out correctly, so that if any hurdles arise, management may take early action to avert them.

    • Vendor due diligence and vendor assistance

Vendor due diligence is a comprehensive study on the financial state of the business being sold. It gives vendors more control over the entire sale process and the timing of the sale, which helps them achieve a higher price for their firm. Investors and organizations benefit from due diligence because they gain a better grasp of the risks involved and if the purchase is suitable for their portfolio.

    • Sale Purchase agreement (SPA) and Business Transfer Agreement (BTA)

A sale-purchase agreement is a legal document that details the terms agreed upon between the buyer and seller of a property. In any sale transaction, it is regarded as a crucial legal document. The transaction details are listed in the sale and purchase agreement so that both parties involved have a clear understanding of the transaction.

A Business Transfer Agreement is used to provide a complete sale of one entity’s assets and liabilities to another entity. It is typically purchase and transfer of ownership agreement in which specifics about the firm and its assets are considered.

    • Assistance in deal negotiation

Deal negotiation is a strategic dialogue that takes place in a way that is agreeable to both sides. When two sides engage in a negotiation, their goal is to persuade the other of their point of view. In most negotiations, there is some form of exchange, which means that one party will always have the upper hand.