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Agency For Specialized Monitoring (ASM)

    • Term Loan Monitoring

When a bank is in the process of underwriting a loan, it performs a complete credit assessment of the loan borrower, including his financial ability to repay the loan at maturity. While granting a loan, the bank establishes certain covenants or criteria to which the borrower must follow in order to ensure that a minimum set of financial strength standards are met.

    • Working Capital Monitoring

Cash intake, cash outflow, and overall inventory management are all critical aspects of working capital. Working capital management is a business approach that assists a company in running efficiently by closely managing its current assets and current obligations. The current ratio, stock turnover ratio, and acid test ratio are among the most essential ratios in working capital management.

    • Cash Flow Monitoring

Cash flow management is the act of monitoring, evaluating, and optimizing the net amount of cash receipts in a firm. Net cash flow is an important metric for assessing a company’s financial health. Capital flow monitoring has a number of advantages, including investment flexibility, debt control, the ability to invest cash in the company’s growth, and improved liquidity performance.